Product Description


UVRS UV Rotary Screen Ink for Label
POSTED BY: Admin | DATE: April 2, 2014
Application :

- UVRS is suitable for printing on corona-pre-treated or top-coated polyethylene ( PE ) and polyprolylene ( PP ) self adhesive foils, top-coated polyester PET foils, PVC and paper labels with UV curing. Since the print substrates mentioned may be different in printability due to lower surface tensions even within an individual type, preliminary trails are essential to determine suitability for the intended use.

Specification :

- Fast curing
- Ink film is excellently rub, scratch
- Good adhesion
- Fade and weather resistance
- Chemical resistance

Basic Shades :

012 Yellow
019 Orange
021 Scarlet Red
022 Red
023 Rhodamine Red
031 Green
034 Blue
035 Violet
049 Clear
1046 White
1047 White
1047 Black

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