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Magna/Cure® Direct Emulsion
POSTED BY: Admin | DATE: April 2, 2015
  • Magna/Cure® Direct Emulsion are photopolymer/ diazo based, dual cure photostencil systems which provide remarkable image quality and exceptionally durable stencils. Premium emulsions for use with UV, plastisol, water-based and solvent-based inks.

    UDC-2 provides the perfect combination of price and perfomance. With superrior exposure speed, latitude and moderate water resistance, UDC-2 is the ideal selection for printers in nearly every category.

    Universal emulsion offering excellent resistance in any imaging application. UDC-ACE was designed to work as traditional or automatic coating emulsion.

    This new high viscosity emulsion allows for easy coating on low or high mes counts while offering the resistance and durability of a dual cure emulsion. UDC-HV is the ultimate emulsion when it comes to quality and value.

  • UDC-2
    - Excellent definition and line edge
    - Highest build-up proud of mesh with low Rz values
    - Blue color offers excellent contrast for easy registration
    - Solvent, UV and plastisol ink resistant
    - Ideal for all mesh counts
    - Medium viscosity

    - Excellenct ink resistance
    - Excellent durability and heat and humidity resistance
    - Excellent imaging
    - Dyed only
    - Water, solvent, UV and plastisol ink resistant
    - Ideal for automatic coaters
    - High viscosity high solids

    - Fast exposing with excellent image quality
    - Hard, durable stencils, resistant to the widest range of inks and additives
    - Superior mesh adhision
    - Clear and dyed
    - Solvent, UV and plastisol ink resistant
    - High viscosity allows for easy coationg on high or low mesh counts

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