Product Description


POSTED BY: Admin | DATE: April 2, 2015

  • MSP Cleanser (4.5Kg/Bottle)

    - Joinly developed with KAO Japan
    - Environment fre3ndly
    - Effective remover of grease and foreign particles on stretched screen
    - Improve adhesion of emulsion on mesh

  • Adhesive G18 (15Kg & 1Kg tin)

    - Fast drying and simple to use
    - Excellent adhesion characteristic and heat resistant
    - Easy to remove when reclaiming

  • Filder No.1 (5Kg & 1Kg tin)

    - Rapid drying and easy to use
    - Excellent solvent resistant and printing durability

  • Filler No.2 (25Kg & 1Kg bottle)

    - Water based-safe and easy to use
    - Easy washout with water when reclaiming

  • Emulsion Remover (25Kg & 1Kg drum)

    - Effective on all types of emulsion
    - Concentrated powder form for easy storage

  • Emulsion Hardener A+DL (1Kg set)

    - Simple and easy to use
    - Significant improvement of emulsion durability especially for water resistant
    - Emulsion will become permanent after application

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