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POSTED BY: Admin | DATE: April 2, 2015

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    Saatilene Hibond is a high tension/low elongation polyester monofilament screen-printing fabric, offering added bonuses to the stencil maker and printer alike: time savings and stencil durability. While all screen fabrics imperatively require a thorough mesh treatment before stencil processing, Saatilene Hibond is delivered ready-to-use. Its special factory finishing renders the use of adhesion promoters obsolete and in some cases reduces ghost imaging. Apart from the production time savings, it will extend the life of stencils from single to triple, or more. This is a unique feature especially beneficial when printing conditions are unusually harsh, either due to the nature of the substrate or the ink system.


    - Superior stencil adhesion, resulting in less stencil breakdown on press, delivering longer print runs far beyond other conventional treated fabrics
    - No degreasing pre-treatment step prior to stencil processing
    - Holds finer detail with no compromise in stencil durability (halftones, fine lines)
    - Allows to further improve productivity of the newest computer to screen technologies

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